t h e c e l l a r . 70’s revival!

Come join us in celebration for love as we launch our new brand T h e  C e l l a r!

This is a label created exclusively by participating designers here at E U P H O R I A. This season, we have themed it to be the great 70’s revival! Great time to shop for your Valentines Day gifts or sexy outfits!

▌Participating brands


Chantkare | Dama | Donna Flora | Fellini Couture | Peqe | Miamai | Muism | The Secret Store


[ m ] | MonS | Mother Goose’s | SYS


CriCri | Dura


Del May

*All merchandise are at a promotional price exclusively here for 1 month only.

▌E U P H O R I A Team

Ayla Stradling, Manager
Mayumi Sugarplum, Relations Officer Japan
Grant Valeska, Stylist
Joy Laperriere, Co-Founder
Magnifico Miggins, Co-Founder
F L I C K R | http://www.flickr.com/groups/euphoria
B L O G | https://euphoriasl.wordpress.com

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