1. How do I buy and earn credits?

Simply right-click on any vendor and select “Pay”. Take note of the notification on local chat informing you the amount of credits you have earned from that purchase.

2. What can I do with these credits?

You can redeem these points at your next purchase by doing the following:
• Left click on the vendor, select “Credit”.
• A drop down menu will prompt you “Would like to buy this item for $L[x] in store credit?”. Select “Yes”. The item should send shortly.

3. Which store can I redeem my credits?

You can redeem it at any store here only at EUPHORIA.

4. It says “Sorry, This item costs $L[x] and you currently have $L0 in store credit.” What do I do?

This means you have not made any purchase here at EUPHORIA therefore you have not earned any credit.

5. It says “Sorry, This item costs $L 600 and you currently have $L150 in store credit.” What do I do?

You can top up the difference of L$450 (L$600 – L$150) by purchasing credits via our kiosks [see Credit Kiosk page] Right click on “Buy Credit”, Select “Pay”, key in the amount you wish to top up and select “Pay”. Now that you have sufficient credit, you can now make your purchase in the store by left clicking on the vendor and select “Credit”. You should now receive your purchase!

6.  I receive a message saying “We’re sorry, but there has been a delay in delivering “Item [x]” Support has been notified, and your item will be delivered as soon as possible.” I’ve not received my item what do I do?

Each store has a Re-delivery Terminal rezzed, locate it and left click on it. A menu will prompt you to load re-delivery page – select “Go to page” (Please only use external browser). You should now be directed to a Re-delivery page that shows you a history list of items you have bought. Locate the item that you have not received, click on it and it should resend.

7. I’ve tried the re-delivery terminal but have not yet received my purchase.

Please drop the creator a note card stating your concerns in detail so it can be looked into promptly. Thank you for your patience!

8. Can I purchase Gift Cards?

Yes! You can purchase them via our Credit Kiosks. Simple follow the written instructions.

9.  Does your Gift Card work for every store here in EUPHORIA?

Yes! As the gift card is preloaded with credits, simply proceed to ANY store in EUPHORIA, left click on the vendor and select credit.

10. I still am not sure how this works, I need help!

Most certainly, you can contact  either Ayla Stradling, Manager or Joy Laperriere, Owner.

Thank you
▌E U P H O R I A Team

Ayla Stradling, Manager
Ouka Ugajin, Relations Officer Japan
Eito Resident, Relations Officer Chinese/Spanish
Journey Lorakeet, Stylist
Joy Laperriere, Founder
F L I C K R | http://www.flickr.com/groups/euphoria
B L O G | https://euphoriasl.wordpress.com

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