Shopping can’t get any easier than this – Shop with Benefits!

Buy your favorite designer brands and earn 10% worth of credits from each purchase.


1. Credits
You start earning credits from your first purchase made at a ratio of 1 : L$1. You can either redeem it at your next purchase or accumulate more for redemption at a later time. These credits has no expiry period.


[A] buys L$500 dress, earns 50 credits (equivalent L$50)
[A] decides to buy another item priced L$120, clicks on the vendor and the drop down menu shows the option of “Credit”. The menu will now ask you “Would you like to buy this item of $L120? Click on [Yes]

[A] “Oh no, I receive this message what do I do?”

[Local Chat Message] *Dura-Boy*31(Butter Rum): Sorry, this item costs $L120 and you currently have $L50 in store credit. Please purchase another L$70 in credit to purchase this item.

■ This means you do not have enough credits to make the purchase. You can simply top up your credits by purchasing them via the credit kiosks [See Credit Kiosk page] or accumulate your credits for purchase at later time.

2. Re-delivery
Due to lag, failed transactions/object delivery are inevitable. There is a terminal located in each boutique/ section for your convenience.

■ Simply, click on it and you will be directed to a web-page (do NOT use the SL browser). Select the item you wish to re-deliver by clicking on it.

3. Buy as Gift
Show your appreciation for a special someone hassle free.

■ Simply click on the vendor and select “Buy as Gift’.
■ Key in the name of the avatar you wish to send the gift to in local chat.
■ You will then receive a notification that you may now make your payment. Right click and pay or click on the vendor again to cancel this transaction.

4. Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards via the Credit Kiosk located here

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or clarifications needed.

▌E U P H O R I A Team

Ayla Stradling, Manager
Ouka Ugajin, Relations Officer Japan
Eito Resident, Relations Officer Chinese/Spanish
Journey Lorakeet, Stylist
Joy Laperriere, Founder
F L I C K R |
B L O G |

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