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L i m i t e d B a z a a r # 42

We wish to thank all participating designers and everyone else who has supported Euphoria’s “Limited Bazaar”. We are grateful for its success! Having said that, this will be our last round as we are taking a short break to change things up in preparation for a new and better shopping experience for you. Details will be announce through the group when we come back, so please be patient with us.

Without futher adeu, lets show some of the great items our designers have for you. The theme for our final week is, “Mechanical Imprisonment” and we have a couple of new faces who’ve made some great exclusives. For this round, we have increased the number of limited copies to 150!. So make sure you make it down in time for thes deals. Check our slideshow below.

Have a great weekend!

– Euphoria Team

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Brands participating in this round:

8f8 , Aesthetica , ISPACHI , LODE , [CX] , Clemmm , Zibska , Le Primitif , AZOURY , Shey , E-Clipse , Motivaction , Silvery K , HeLa, Asteria Creations , Pure Poison , Contraption and DRD

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L i m i t e d B a z a a r # 31

This week’s theme revolves around “Chinoiserie”. An interpretation of classic, traditional Asian style and a little bit of flair. We brought in a few new faces to meet the challenge.

Every 2 weeks we have a rotation of designers, with a limited quantity with 100 copies of each item, all under 150L. You dont want to miss out, so hurry up and check it all out before its gone. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Brands participating in this round: **FEEL** , Pure Poison , Aesthetica , Modern Couture , Fendty, Finesmith , Eclipse , Ava Girl , Ilaya , HeLa , Lode , MiWardrobe , Ade Yakko , Silvery K , Maxi Gossamer , Solidea Folies , Madrid Solo and CIA Designs

Designers whom wish to participate in future rounds can fill out an application:


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