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L i m i t e d B a z a a r # 36

It has been a fantastic year and we cannot stress how much we appreciate all of you!. Because of you, Euphoria has grown so much and Limited Bazaar has been such a success.

We want this year to end on a bright and shiny note so, our theme for this week will be “Metallics”. Golds, glitters and metals are perfect to wear, especially if you want to end the New Year in style.

Best Wishes to you and yours!

Every 2 weeks we have a rotation of designers, with a limited quantity with 100 copies of each item, all under 150L. You dont want to miss out, so hurry up and check it all out before its gone. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Brands participating in this round:

imagine that , The Annex , Fendty , Just Design , Lode , Asteria , HeLa , MiWardrobe , Sabotage , Shey , Zibska , Le Forme , Blossom and Contraption

Designers whom wish to participate in future rounds can fill out an application:


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