About Modavia Productions

Modavia Productions is a full service fashion production company offering clients unprecedented event management, photo shoot coordination, model casting, and marketing services.  Host of the iconic fashion event of the year – Modavia Fashion Week – Modavia Productions showcases over 50 brand new collections from the top couture designers in Second Life to coincide with the real life Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in New York in September each year.

Modavia Productions is the proud sponsor of industry fairs such as Chic Management’s “Culture Shock” fashion, art and music event which showcases exclusive designs from 200 leading SL brands.  Culture Shock is a charitable venture in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières, an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation.  Modavia also provides show and event production support services to several organisations including the KMADD group.

About Modavia Fashion Marketing

Modavia Fashion Marketing operates within the virtual world of Second Life ™. Modavia is the parent company of the Modavia Fashion Directory – The FIRST, SL Guide to the Who’s Who of Top Fashion in Second Life, featuring the famous Modavia Supermodels and Master Photographers.

Modavia Fashion Marketing sponsors the Fashion Photographer of the Year award with cash prizes in excess of L$100,000, awarded to the most distinguished fashion portfolio created during the year. Modavia also sponsors the Designer Wardrobe Giveaway which is the biggest couture prize in SL, with over 95 current season outfits going to 2 lucky subscribers during each contest cycle.

Modavia is the proud partner of Euphoria, SL’s leading retail fashion sim.  Through this collaboration Modavia has access to a number of cross-promotional opportunities, group incentive schemes and market communication channels.

Miss Bliss Couture 2012. Third Phase, May

Through its various pursuits Modavia endeavors to develop products and services that celebrate the best of couture fashion design, modelling and photography in Second Life.

Second Life™ is a registered trademark of Linden Labs, Inc. To find out more about Second Life please visit

For additional information, contact:

Dahlia Joubert

COO, Modavia Fashion Marketing

Poptart Lilliehook

CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing

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